Kasey Marilyn Dip. Clin. Hyp
Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium Clairvoyant
And Energetic Healer

 Integrative Holistic Therapies For Positive Life Transformation...

Welcome to Sacred Circle Hypnotherapy

Kasey Marilyn (Dip. Clin. Hypnotherapy) Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Healer

Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression, Children's Hypnotherapy, Family Hypnotherapy, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Addictions and more....

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool for re-programming your mind and changing old faulty thinking habits and behaviors.

"We Are The Way, The Truth, The Light And The Love...


Hypnotherapy For Families and Adults

Hypnosis for anxiety, addictions, unhealthy behaviors, PTSD, weight loss, grief and loss and achieving goals

Healing for Our Children's Future

Hypnotherapy for Children - Play therapy, art therapy, music, bear cards and recorded bedtime stories!

Shamanic Healing, House Clearing and Tarot Readings

Spiritual healing and mediumship weaved through your healing journey for a different therapeutic experience.


I highly recommend this service, Kasey has such a calm and welcoming feeling from the moment You see her. It was my intention to quit smoking through hypnotherapy as I was struggling to do so through other means, although I did not complete my cycle of session due to person reasons i did cut my intake of cigarettes each week from 4-5 packets to just 1 and not only that but the sense of lightness that also came is an indescribable feeling, it was like I found a part of my self I had forgotten about, leaving me to feel more vibrant and at ease with myself. Again I could not recommend her highly enough and I continuously find myself recommending her to others.


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