Kasey Marilyn Dip. Clin. Hyp
Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium Clairvoyant
And Energetic Healer

 Integrative Holistic Therapies For Positive Life Transformation...


Psychic Reading prices - 30 minutes - $60, 45 minutes - $75, 1 hour $100
Psychic Reading and Hypnosis/Regression - $180
Hypnotherapy  (Dip. Clin. Hyp.)-$150
Counselling  (Bach. Couns.) - $150

Kasey Does energetic healing work on clients whilst under hypnosis if they feel comfortable with hands on healing work. 

Kasey Marilyn is a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Healer, Hypnotherapist (Dip. Clin. Hyp) and Counsellor (Bach. Couns.)
readings - Kasey uses Tarot Cards while channeling information from spirit. She also sees spirit messages and loved ones using a scrying method during her readings. Kasey is a born psychic Medium with gifts passed down through family generations.

Children's Hypnotherapy

For Children and Teens

Sessions are 1 hour : $110 

I use a range of techniques and resources in facilitating children and teens Hypnotherapy, including- therapy cards, play therapy, art therapy and Hypnosis.

 If your child is too young to focus with Hypnosis, I then record a personalised Bedtime Story Hypnosis recording they can listen to every night for optimal results in changing old thought patterns and unhealthy behaviors. 


Session Cost: $150

Pensioner and Concession: $140

Psychic Reading and Hypnosis: $180

Hypnosis is great for healing

Childhood Regression

Past Life Regression

 Unresolved past life issues

 Current life blocks


 Unhealthy habits

 Self love




 Grief and loss 

 Connecting with past over loved ones. 

I use a selection of techniques and resources in facilitating your healing through Hypnotherapy, including play therapy, art therapy, experiential Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis, Spiritual Healing - Energy Work, Mediumship, Oracle andTarot Cards.


Relax and be nurtured in your session with gentle relaxation music and essential oils burning.

 I work with what your needs are and how I can support you in your healing process

Past Life Regression

 session Cost: $150
Psychic Reading & Regression: $180

A fascinating therapeutic journey that can heal old unresolved trauma and issues that can sometimes be carried forward into this life. Quite often when there are fears, phobias or current life blocks and you can't put your finger on where it comes from, most likely it is from a past life.
 Your past life regression is safely facilitated by Kasey Marilyn while you guide your own journey. Kasey can do hands-on healing to support your guided regression. 

I also use a range of techniques and resources in facilitating your healing through Hypnotherapy, including- therapy cards, play therapy, art therapy, experiential Gestalt Therapy and Hypnosis, Spiritual Healing - Energy Work, Mediumship and Tarot Cards.

Relax and be nurtured in your session with gentle relaxation music and essential oils burning.

 I work with what your needs are and how I can support you in your healing process

Relax and be completely nurtured in Kasey's healing space that is infused with essential oils, salt lamps, candles, crystals and a beautiful light energy that is cleansed and balanced after every client...

Medicine Drum and Sound Bowl healing is also available for your therapeutic experience... The Medicine Drum is a heart medicine that has been used for centuries by Native American Indian Tribes, it resonates through your heart centre....

Bach Flower Remedies are also available to accompany your healing for just $15
Kasey Marilyn is a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Shamanic Healer. She channels information, names and images from spirit  to provide guidance, confirmation, healing, closure, comfort and clarity in regards to passed over loved ones, work, career, relationships or general life issues. Kasey uses methods such as psychometry, automatic writing, channeling, tarot and oracle cards. Her delivery is authentic, empathic and fun whilst weaving through her therapeutic nature for further clarity and healing. 

Kasey also works with her healing abilities and psychic guidance in Hypnotherapy sessions.. If the client chooses they can start with a reading to map out where the current life blockages are.. Then you are guided into a hypnotic trance-like state while Kasey channels the divine energy healing through her hands (again if you choose). This provides amplified healing while also giving comfort and nurturing while on your therapeutic healing journey... Kasey assists you while you guide where you need to go, whether it's past life regression and soul retrieval, childhood, ancestral or adult life, you know that you are safely guided through it and grounded back in your body.
Sometimes with grief and loss therapy, you will see and communicate with that passed over loved one while under hypnosis, which can provide tremendous healing and closure that can allow you to move forward with your life though still holding that person/ animal in your heart
Psychic Readings -

Kasey is a psychic medium, clairvoyant and a healer, She channels messages and images from spirit and passed over loved ones. Kasey uses Tarot and Oracle Cards to help guide her readings, however her messages come from doing an overview tuning in to questions.
 Kasey's readings can help give guidance for love, marriage, troubling situations, career, finances or general yearly forecast. Though sometimes what you think you want to know is not what the cards foretell. If there are other more important matters that need attending to then that is what will come out.

Kasey can tune into photographs of passed over loved ones to help bring healing, clarification and closure for family members.

Kasey has been learning the Tarot Cards since she was 5 years old, with gifts taught and passed down by her Grandmother. Because Kasey is also a Hypnotherapist and soon to have a Bach. Couns. Degree. Her readings can be quite transformational and healing, weaving her knowledge through her messages. She is authentic, honest and a light worker on a mission to share her light and love....

Prices - 30 minutes $60  (phone/skype/In person)

            45 minutes $75 (phone/skype/In person)

             1 hour       $100

          45 minute reading and a 15 minute energetic healing $100
 Skype or Zoom sessions also available. Payments can be made via credit/debit card

           Shamanic House Clearing - Includes- Personal energy cleanse, White Sage Smudging, clearing and cleansing of any unwanted energies and advice on things to do to lift the house energy and bring in more light and flowing energy. Includes a personal cleanse and a 100ml bottle of grounding and protecting Bachflowers and Australian Bushflower Essences -  $120
Reading and House Clearing - $150

You can find Kasey at Pottsville, Kingscliffe, Mullumbimby and Brunswick Markets where her readings are at market price $15 - 15 minutes and $25 - 25 minutes....